RSS Flow

What is an RSS Flow?

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) flow or RSS thread is an Internet technology that provides information on web-site updates.

Each time new content is published, you will receive an automatic notice.


How do I use an RSS flow?

To read an RSS flow, you need an RSS reader. This is a program that will regularly connect to the sites you designate (those for which you have subscribed to the RSS thread) and return any recent information.

For this, you must either:

  • Download and install a specific free software (Such as RSSOwl for example);
  • Create a personal account on an online aggregator (such as Netvibes or MyYahoo for example);
  • Use the reader in browsers such as Explorer (starting with version 7) and Firefox (starting in version 3) by simply clicking on the  flux rss  symbol at the right of the address bar.


Cut and paste this link into your RSS software:

or use the dynamic bookmark.