Shortage occupations

The employment situation in France is not applicable to companies that wish to recruit foreign workers for occupations experiencing a shortage of applicants. These occupations having recruiting difficulties, called shortage occupations, are registered in a government list or negotiated through bilateral agreements. Their number may vary depending upon the country of origin of the immigrants.

© Mario Ragsac Jr. - Fotolia
© Mario Ragsac Jr. - Fotolia

For the whole national territory, 30 professions are experiencing recruitment difficulties which justify the recruitment of nationals from other countries, without the employment situation being enforceable. These so-called shortage professions are listed by region. The compiled lists are then aggregated at national level. Only six professions are common to the whole country.

View the list of 30 occupations for third country nationals (decree dated January 18, 2008 - Official Journal dated 01/20/2008).

In addition to the 30 jobs on the national list, which come under common law, concerted migratory flow management agreements, signed between France and various countries of origin define enlarged lists of critical jobs.


Benin - 16 occupations : View the list


Burkina Faso - 64 occupations : View the list

Cap-Vert - 40 occupations : View the list

Congo - 15 occupations : View the list

Gabon - 9 occupations : View the list

Mauritius - 61 occupations : View the list


Senegal - 108 occupations : View the list


Tunisia - 77 occupations : View the list