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January 2 2013

This provision applies to foreign nationals who come in France for training.


Foreign nationals of third countries who come to France to :

  • Complete a training period with a company as part of a degree program organised within the country of residence (school or university curriculum leading to a degree or qualification or professional training) or in the context of an EUEuropean Union or of a programme intergovernmental co-operative program in the areas of education, training, youth or culture.
  • Attend, as an employee of a company established abroad, a training program :
    - provided by a body approved by the administrative authories ;
    - with the possibility of an internship in a company which is in the same group or has a relationship with the company in the country of residence.
  • carrying out practical training in a public health institution under an international hospital cooperation agreement provided for in article R6134-1 du Code de la santé publique.
  • For young professionals Canadian there is a specific procedure (see the Franco-Canadian Agreement)


Categories not affected

Nationals of the European Union or of the other member States of the EEAEuropean Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway).

Nationals of the Swiss Confederation.
Algerian nationals governed by the Franco-Algerian agreement dated December 27, 1968.

Conditions for issue

  • The employment situation is not applicable.
  • Existence of a tripartite training agreement signed between the trainee, the training establishment or the employer established abroad, and the training body or the host company in France. The training agreement approved by the Prefect of the primary department in which the training will take place.
  • Training duration :
    - to 6 months for internships with come under professional training ;
    - to the duration of the curriculum or of the program for the training program which is part of a pedagogical curriculum or an intergovernmental programme ;
    - for intern in a companie established abroad, the only limit being 12 months with the possibility of extension for a total maximum duration of 18 months.
  • Minimum total resources : the trainee must prove that he or she has the means of existence corresponding :
    - either to the monthly base allocation for Government scholarship holders (€615, for training periods that are part of degree programs organised in the country of residence) ;
    - or to the monthly total of the SMICMinimum growth wage (for trainees in a company abroad. This amount takes into  the compensation maintained by the employer and also for bonuses and other benefits in kind or cash paid by the host company).
    - i.e. the minimum monthly pay stipulated in l’article R6134-2 of the Public Health Code.



Canadian nationals are not required to have the training agreement signed by the prefect as set out in the October 3, 2003 agreement signed between France and Canada. This training agreement visa exemption by the prefect does not apply to associated individuals undertaking training practice in a public health establishment under an international hospital cooperation agreement.

Conditions for issue

Families may solicit  the issuance of a VLS-TSLong Stay Visa equivalent to a Residence Permit for "visitors" from the Consulate of their place of residence (see the sheet on the VLS-TS).

Permit issued to the worker

Long-stay Visa with residence permit exemption (VLS-TSLong Stay Visa equivalent to a Residence Permit) marked "trainee" the first year (see file VLS-TS). The duration of the VLS-TSLong Stay Visa equivalent to a Residence Permit is limited to the duration of the training agreement. Exemption from the CAIReception and integration contract (Reception and Integration Contract). Temporary residence permit, marked "trainee" on renewal..

Permit issued to the family

VLS-TSLong Stay Visa equivalent to a Residence Permit for "visitors" for the first year. This visa does not give authorisation to work. Dispenses with the CAIReception and integration contract. Temporary Residence Permit for "visitors" upon renewal.

Procedure to follow

  • First issue

    Application elements

    • Tripartite training agreement concluded between the trainee, training establishment or employer established abroad, and the training body or host company in France, signed by the prefect.
    • Proof of resources.
    • Proof of lodging in France for applications for long stay visas.

    Potential additional documents

    If an authorised employment service organisation for foreigners served as an intermediary between the trainee and the host structures in France, it must also sign the training agreement.

    For training period extensions, an amendment to the training agreement must be sent to the prefect at least 15 days before the initially planned end.

    Application submission

    Prefecture: to obtain a signature on the training agreement and obtain a temporary residence permit bearing the notice "trainee".

    Consulate of France abroad (once the training agreement has been signed): for applications for short or long stay visas (training period of more than 3 months).

    Application evaluation

    The training agreement must be sent to the  prefect for signature at least 2 months before the start of the training period. It must be sent by registered letter with advice of delivery by the host company or training body. The absence of a response within 30 days will be equivalent to a rejection. The prefect may reject the request, especially if there is doubt as to the reality of the training plan, or if there is no relationship between the originating company and the host company.


    The trainee may work from his/her arrival in France, equipped with the VLS-TSLong Stay Visa equivalent to a Residence Permit and the signed training agreement.

    Medical examination

    The required medical examination will be scheduled by the OFIIFrench Office of Immigration and Integration, by appointment, within 3 months after the arrival of the trainee in France.


    The Regional Directorate of the OFIIFrench Office of Immigration and Integration then certifies, on the individual's passport, completion of all formalities required for the long-stay visa allowing the stay in France (see file VLS-TS).

    Issuance of the residence permit

    Consulate for a VLS-TSLong Stay Visa equivalent to a Residence Permit.

    Prefecture in the place of residence for renewal.


  • Renewal

    Application elements


    Potential additional documents


    Application submission

    Prefecture for the place of residence, 2 months before the expiration of the VLS-TSLong Stay Visa equivalent to a Residence Permit.

    Application evaluation


    Issuance of the residence permit

    The Prefecture will issue the interested party a temporary residence permit for "trainee" upon renewal.

Taxes to pay

  • Taxes due by the employer


  • Taxes due by the foreign national for issuance


  • Taxes due by the foreign national for renewal


  • Taxes due by family member

    €241 if obtaining a VLS-TSLong Stay Visa equivalent to a Residence Permit mention "visitor"

Reference documents



The Official Journal (JORF), CESEDA may be consulted at the web-site.