The latest news

Culinary excellence programme
The CPAM is centralising the affiliation of foreign workers in their Paris office
Three new CERFAs (Centre for Registration and Revision of Administrative Forms) for work permit applications replace the old forms from 1 January 2015.
The so-called "attractiveness" decree removes the medical examination for talents
Labour migration - "Employers" Round Table
Seminar on international mobility of Japanese executives from 25 June 2013
Non-voting parliamentary debate on labour and student immigration
Implementation of agreement with Montenegro and Serbia
Three new young people's mobility agreements with Serbia, Montenegro and Lebanon have recently been ratified by France
The new Finance Law for 2013 (section 42) amends the fees related to labour migration
Government expands the list of occupations open to Bulgarians and Romanians
Testimony of a company and of a young Serbian professional
Ratification of the Franco-Quebec Agreement of 26 November 2010 on professional mobility
Repeal of the circular of 31 May, 2011, on foreign students
Collection of primary issue tax payable to the OFII, for VLS-TS, upon application for a consular visa, from 1 November 2012
The second steering committee for the agreement on the concerted management of migration flows between France and Gabon was held on March 14 and 15 in Libreville
Claude Guéant, Laurent Wauquiez and Xavier Bertrand bring together senior officials from French universities and grandes écoles on the issue of foreign students’ access to the French job market
France-Russia: First meeting in Moscow of the working group on the implementation of the Franco-Russian agreement on professional migration.
A new model of residency permit for foreign nationals
France – Quebec: Signing of an application protocol for the Agreement on professional mobility and the integration of migrants
Framework agreement on job mobility signed between the OFII and the CGI group, a world leader in information technology
France’s attractiveness increased significantly in 2010
Dominique Paillé is appointed Chairman of OFII’s Board of Directors
Partnership agreements between France and Mauritius regard to the circular migration of professionals
Interview with the Human Resources Manager for Teuchos Maroc
EU Blue Card introduced within the framework of the bill on immigration, integration and citizenship
Successful partnership between EIFFAGE Senegal and the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII)