You have made your decision; you are going to hire a foreign national.


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Your company would like to host a foreign worker required to hold a work permit. You must initiate an entry procedure to bring this individual into France. To guide you in this process, we can offer recruiting advice. From this site, you can also access the required CERFACentre for the Registration and Revision of Administrative Forms forms.

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You wish to recruit a foreign national; the OFII can help you in your recruiting process.
After having completed the form below, an OFII correspondent will contact you by telephone or email. This exchange will help you specify your intentions in order to obtain the advice best adapted to your request in terms of solutions and procedures.
The data collected are confidential and protected by the law on Information Technology and Liberties.
The OFII's response has no administrative value and does not release you from carrying out all procedures set out in the legal texts.