Attracting talent
The globalisation of skills and responsibilities

The laws of 24 July 2006 and 20 November 2007 define specific procedures in respect of incoming foreign workers who hold posts of responsibility in multinational companies or people with high potential putting their skills at the service of projects being developed on an international scale.

To reinforce its attraction as a host country, France is the first member State of the EUEuropean Union to transpose into the CESEDACode for the Entry and Residence of Foreigners and Asylum Seekers, by the law of 16 June 2011 relating to immigration, integration and nationality, the European directive 2009/50/CE of 25 May 2009 aimed at facilitating the entry, residence and work of people originating in third countries for the purposes of highly qualified work within the EUEuropean Union.
New measures to facilitate professional immigration are aimed at making France a more attractive destination.
Special arrangements are in place for foreigners who are likely, because of their skills or talents, to make a significant and lasting contribution to economic development and to the influence of France and of the country of their nationality.
In order to simplify procedures, decree no. 2014-921 of 18 August 2014 exempts certain categories of oreign nationals and their partners from the OFIIFrench Office of Immigration and Integration medical.
A ten-year resident’s card for exceptional economic contribution has also just been created for foreign investors who are helping to preserve or create jobs in France.

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This provision aims to facilitate the circulation of foreign nationals with skills and talents.

Highly flexible, it applies to many applicants.
This applies to foreign nationals who work on projects contributing to the economic development of France and their country, or to their intellectual, scientific, cultural, humanitarian, athletic or other influence. The holder may exercise the profession of his or her choice within the project, except for regulated professions, in compliance with regulations currently in force.

This arrangement aims at facilitating entry, residence and working in France for citizens of third countries for purposes of highly qualified employment.
It encourages mobility within the EU.

This provision aims to facilitate and encourage investors to stay in France. The issuance of a residence permit is explicitly related to the economic contribution that they plan to make to the country. It applies to foreign nationals who agree to invest at least 10 million euros in Franceandto create or save at least 50 jobs; in consideration, they will obtain a residence permit valid for 10 years.