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Economic migration is subject to regulation defined by the July 24, 2006 law. You can learn more about all of the regulation by reading the text of the law. You will also find information about all of the related procedures.

© Arthurdent - Fotolia
© Arthurdent - Fotolia

The July 24, 2006 law restructured the regulatory provisions on economic migration with two objectives: more effectively respond to the real needs of the labour market in France and better account for the interests of the immigrants' countries of origin. You will find all of the legislative and regulatory provisions under the heading "Reference documents".


Various procedures already in force were maintained. Some of them were modified in order to simplify them. For each one, you will find a description sheet under the heading "Standard procedures."


Several provisions were created to better adapt regulatory response to employer demand. These provisions promote specific skills, mobility, and training. You will find the description sheets under the heading "New provisions". Additionally, France has concluded bilateral agreements with certain countries to better manage immigration flows. 


Lastly, immigration terms for family members of foreigners coming to work in France were revised depending upon the type of the worker's residence permit. Therefore, the terms may differ depending upon the provision. Information is categorised under the heading "Family arrival".  

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